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Conductor puts you in control

Conductor CMS is a content management system (cms) that delivers unparalleled control for websites big and small.

Conductor has powered hundreds of websites over the last decade—from small businesses that require efficient and responsive website management to national and multinational corporations requiring comphrehensive feature sets and custom tools.

Easy to use

Conductor Requires very little training. Within no time you'll be making changes to your web site at the click of a mouse with virtually no knowledge of web coding.


Conductor CMS works with any site design or structure. No special templates or architectures are required - it just works.

Impressive Track Record

Conductor has an impressive track record as one of the first custom content managements systems designed and developed to meet the needs of businesses. We started 10 years ago, and while the core functionality has endured over the years, we continue to add features and functions and improve upon the system.

Full Support

Conductor is backed by one of Canada’s leading dedicated digital agencies, Media Dog Productions. We've been in business for over 15 years, delivering consistent performance with leading web experiences.

Solid Architecture

Conductor is based on technology that has performed better than any other. Coded with Adobe ColdFusion, the code that lies at the heart of Conductor, Conductor’s technology is fully supported by one of the world’s largest and most enduring technology firms. No passing fads or flavours of the month here — just solid, efficient code that delivers for business.

Built for users like you.

It just works. Solid, consistent performance. Simple to use but powerful enough to meet your exacting requirements.
"Our needs for our corporate website were extensive. We required flexibility for future changes and an adaptable content management system to ensure the sustainability of our site. Conductor met and exceeded all our needs. We were so pleased with the custom changes that were created to meet our specific needs and the overall ease of use the system provided. We really couldn't be happier with our decision to use Conductor."
~ Cheryl Wilks - Baytex Energy