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What is Conductor?

Conductor CMS is an easy to use, powerful content management system built for world class custom designed websites. It lets us design how you want, and delivers the flexibility required for the most sophisticated websites. It is easy to use and requires very little training. Make changes to your web site at the click of a mouse with virtually no knowledge of web coding.

What technologies is the platform based on?

Conductor is based on technology that has performed better than any other. Coded with Adobe ColdFusion, the code that lies at the heart of Conductor, Conductor’s technology is fully supported by one of the world’s largest and most enduring technology firms. No passing fads or flavours of the month here — just solid, efficient code that delivers for business.

Who hosts sites built with Conductor?

Any host that supports Adobe ColdFusion can host a Conductor driven web site.

Can Conductor be customized to meet my needs?

Conductor delivers for just about everyone. Since it is purposefully designed upon a plug-in architecture and developed to be extended it can be put to use and customized in any way that you require. It’s truly a flexible and extensible framework which can be employed for just about any needs that you may have so you can hit the ground running, regardless of your requirements.

How do I get started using Conductor?

Simply head on over to our contact page, and request a demo.

Who is behind Conductor?

World Class web design firm: Media Dog Productions

From our modest start up in 1994, Media Dog Productions has grown into one of the leading independent web agencies in Western Canada. For almost two decades, we have had the opportunity to work alongside many national and international businesses and organizations. The common thread throughout hundreds of successful projects has been our ability to provide long lasting solutions alongside elegant and intuitive design.

Who do I contact for questions and support?

Head on over to our contact page, and request support.

Where can I find more information about Conductor?

Simply head on over to our contact page, and request a demo.

"“When we first started using Conductor, there were very few systems that were powerful and flexible enough to meet our requirements with the short learning curves and ease of use we needed. We’ve been so please to watch Conductor evolve and astounded as the features expand, it just gets easier to use."